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Our services and promotional marketing techniques make for a winning combination which has been proven by the success rate of 93% third party sales at the minimum of 70% of appraised property value.

Full Auction Proposal
You will know in advance and in detail all the procedures we intend to implement on your behalf to insure a successful sale.

Dynamic Marketing Program
Our in-house advertising dept. will prepare a targeted marketing plan designed to get results.

       '     Internet Web Page marketing exposure

  • Extensive local, regional, and national advertising is available for saturated coverage.
  • Signage will be placed on the property if permitted
  • Black and white or color mailers can be distributed utilizing our extensive database of direct mail prospects if requested.
  • 4-color brochures, aerial photography and video brochures are also available upon request

Full Bidder Information Packages (BIP)
We fully research the property to provide potential bidders with all necessary information including a full description, photographs, tax card, plot map, zoning info, previews, terms of sale, etc.  Bidder Information Packages are e-mailed to prospective buyer’s within minutes of receipt of said request. 

Whenever allowable we hold "open house" previews of the property with the auctioneer in attendance to answer questions.

Complete Summary Report
You will receive a detailed report of all aspects of the auction from start to finish.

For more information including complete details of our Full Service Plan, our Modified Service Plan and associated fees, please contact us at 603-431-7408 or send an email to w.liff@actionauctions.com.

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